Eduardo Cetner

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Eduardo Cetner was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1956. Has lived in France, Spain until year 2006 when he went back to Argentina. Since year 1978 he has been involved in many exhibitions in galleries, museums, art fairs in several countries such as Argentina, Belgium, France, Spain, Uruguay, China and U.S.A.
In year 1982 takes part in the exhibition “ América Latina” in Paris, along with artists like Wilfredo Lam, Antonio Seguí , Julio Le Parc, Alicia Penalba, among others, and took place in the “Grand Palais” of Paris, France.
From 1983 to 1989 he exhibited his work in Saloón Figuartion Critique , Grand Palais de París.
He has taken part on art fairs like Art Shanghai, China, Los Angeles Art Show, U.S.A. and ArtBo, Colombia.
He was the winner of the painting award from the “Ejercito del Aire” and the one from the “Universidad Politécnica” of Madrid, Spain and has been a finalist in Argentina from awards like Fortabat, INET, Novartisy Constatini among others.
Eduardo Cetner’s work is part from several public and private prestigious collections.