Lucas Pertile

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LUCAS PERTILE. Born in 1976 in Resistencia, Chaco. He studied Graphic Design, Sketching and Painting at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) with the Argentinean artist Miguel Angel Ronsino.

In 2009 he created DU (Diseñadores Unidos), a multidisciplinary design studio. Later, in 2013 along with Calavera Sur Textiles, they started exporting and selling globally their designs including United States and Europe. Since 2014, he participated in several Asian Art Fairs such as Beirut Art Fair (2015/16) and Singapore Art Fair (2015). Furthermore, his works have been published in Eigenhu&Interieur,   Argetinean magazines such as Entrecasa and Göoo and diverse art catalogues. Today, many of his works are part of international art collections from Argentina, Singapore, Beirut, United States, Norway, Czech Republic, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.